Yard Sale Tips

11 Yard Sale Tips

Yard sale season is in full swing. Maybe you’ve just cleaned out your shed and attic and want to try to make a few bucks before scheduling 9pickup to come and scoop up your excess. Or maybe you have spent too much time at Community Thrift stores and you’ve run out of room. Whatever your motivation to hold a yard sale, here are some yard sale tips to make it successful.

Yard Sale Tips


Use folding tables to display your merchandise. When your items are organized and well-presented, they’re more likely to sell.


Obviously clean items will always sell better. Wipe down furniture or sticky glassware, and only sell clothing that’s been laundered recently and free of stains. You might even want to spritz old camping equipment or curtains or bedding with Febreze. You can give antique furniture a quick shine with Pledge. Don’t go overboard though—you’re unlikely to make enough to justify investing in a huge amount of prep and polishing


Place large desirable sale items such as furniture and seasonal items close to the end of your yard or driveway. This can catch the eyes of drivers going by and draw them into your sale.


Place like items together. This helps shoppers looking for specific items and makes it more likely for them to buy multiple pieces.


Keep small, fragile, and valuable items close to your checkout area in order to keep an eye on them.


Display adult and big kid clothing items on hangers and arrange by size. It looks neater and is easier for shoppers to look through. Also, it will save you having to refold or rearrange items to make your display look nice.


Fold and stack baby items and arrange by size.


Keep an outlet or extension cord handy in case a customer wants to test an item to make sure it works.


Don’t sell dirty, stained or broken merchandise.


Rearrange and straighten merchandise during downtime to make it look nice for the next round of shoppers.


Remove all NON-SALE items from your yard or garage sale area. If you don’t people will try to buy your hose, potted plants, folding chairs, even your dog.

And just a reminder, that whatever you don’t sell you can donate without even lifting a finger! Call 1-888-9-PICKUP or visit us at 9pickup.com to schedule a FREE pick-up!