Spring Clean Your Closet For A Worthy Cause

August 3, 2021 | 9pickup Donation Pickup Boca Raton FL

Spring cleaning your closet? Depending on the size of your closet it can seem daunting.

Couple the physical work needed with the sentimental attachments you may have to your favorite belongings (even if you haven’t worn them in years) makes Spring cleaning hard on some people. But then it hits you that you really need to clear out the clutter so you can get back to enjoying your home again. But what to do with all this stuff?

South Florida Clothing Donations

What if we told you that cleaning out your closet can not only de-clutter your home but also assist children and their families that need a helping hand.Would that make it a bit easier to part ways with that shirt that still has the tag on it or those shoes you just had to have because they were cute, but are still in the box?

The good news is there are caring people who will happily rehome your precious belongings and treat them with the care that you would.  Even better news is that we at 9PICKUP are here to make the donation process a breeze. Realizing that your donation will go towards helping other families will make spring cleaning your closet easy and fun.

9PICKUP will gladly collect your donations free of charge and ensure that they end up in the hands of those who need them most. Through Networking to Help Children charity we collect and distribute your items so your spring cleaning can benefit others.

What items to donate to South Florida Charities?

But what exactly can I donate you ask? That’s a great question, lets look at some of the items that will make great donations.

Furniture & Home Décor 

We gladly accept donations of gently used furniture and Decorative items when spring cleaning your home. 


Instead of your clothes getting sent to a landfill, why not donate them? We gather donated clothes for adults and children in need. You can donate any type of apparel including men’s, women’s, and children’s clothing and accessories.

Handbags, Purses, and Luggage

Having a place to keep your valuables and documents on the go is an essential part of anyone’s attire. We accept purses, wallets, and manicure sets, as well as luggage to benefit persons in need.


That extra tablet that you received for Christmas that you haven’t taken the plastic screen protector off would make a great donation.. We accept tablets, laptops, software, monitors, televisions, cell phones etc.


You can donate new or gently used shoes. We accept all types of shoes including sneakers, dress shoes, sandals, work boots, etc. These will go to persons in need and will free up space on the floor of your closet.

Other items we collect include appliances, toys, Jewelry, sporting and outdoor goods, and so much more. For a full list of acceptable items visit 9pickup’s donations page.

Where To Donate Household Items in South Florida 

Use this weekend to get a good start spring cleaning your closet! Ready to donate unwanted household items? 9PICKUP will gladly accept your donations with our free donation pick up. Schedule a local pickup of South Florida donations by filling out the form online at www.9pickup.com or calling the toll-free hotline at 1-888-9-PICKUP.