5 Insider Tips for Making Your Donation Pickup Easy

August 17, 2023 | 9pickup Donation Pickup Boca Raton FL

You’re donating your items! Yay! Deciding what needs to be donated can often be the hardest part, especially if the items hold sentimental value. We’re here to help make the second part — the actual item removal — even easier. Whether you’re donating appliances, furniture, or other large items, these 5 prep tips can help make your donation pickup even easier! (Note: None of the following are requirements for donating to 9 Pickup. They’re simply things that could help make the process easier for our donors!)


Give it a Light Cleaning

While this isn’t necessary for 9 Pickup’s services, giving your item a final bit of TLC can help you say goodbye to your furniture. You can also ensure that dust and dirt from the donation don’t get on your floors once we remove the item. 


Even if you’re worried we won’t take your furniture, don’t worry. With 9 Pickup, our teams will walk you through and we won’t schedule a pickup for an item that we won’t use. 


Know What Your Complex’s Pickup Requirements Are

Do you live in an apartment or condo? You likely have a few rules to keep in mind when it comes to deliveries and pickups. Our teams are prepared with Certificates of Insurance (COIs); this is often enough for many residential complexes. However, we know every complex is different! 


If you have any specifications in terms of how to get to your apartment, let us know! Otherwise, we’ll be able to come to your unit and remove the items for pickup on your schedule.


Research Donation Guidelines

Different organizations have varying guidelines for what they can and cannot accept. At 9 Pickup, we take a wide variety of goods. If you’re ever worried about what you want to donate, take a look at what we’ll pick up


Take Measurements 

If you’re worried about large items going in and out of your space, take measurements to ensure your stuff will fit through doorways and hallways. This can help your family find peace of mind about the moving process. Our pickup team can handle everything, and we’ll gladly answer any questions you have regarding large items. 


Book Your Pickup Schedule

We love being able to offer our donors a 4-hour window for pickup. We also understand that things can happen, so our team will call you 30-60 minutes in advance of pickups to confirm that you’re ready. To make things even easier, try to keep that window in mind. If you need to, make a clear path to the stuff to be picked up ahead of time. Even the smallest effort can make pickups even easier.


By following these five tips, you can make the pickup process efficient and hassle-free, benefiting both charitable organizations like Networking to Help Children and the recipients of your donations. Your donations have the potential to bring positive change to someone’s life. At 9 Pickup, we’re grateful to each of our donors. Want to schedule your pickup with us? You can do that here


9PickUp was created to make it easy for South Floridians to give back to their community by donating gently used furniture and household items while supporting a great cause., We pick up Clothing, Furniture, Home Décor, Electronics and Miscellaneous items free of charge, all to benefit Networking to Help Children.