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How To Prepare For Your Donation Pickup

Scheduling a donation pickup to your home is the first step to helping out your community. While it may seem like you’re just giving away things you no longer need, they can make a world of difference for another person or family in need. You’ve called into 9pickup and got your donation pickup scheduled, but what’s the next step? No need to fret, as we’ll walk you through each step to your pickup.

Confirm Your Donation Pickup

9Pickup gives you the option to either schedule your pickup online and over the phone. You’ll need to share your contact details, the items you plan on donating, and what dates & times work for you. That way, our scheduling team can ensure we get a team dispatched to your location when it’s convenient for you. Once you’ve submitted your contact details, you’ll receive a confirmation  phone call detailing when our donation pickup team will arrive.

Organize Your Donation

Once your local donation pickup is scheduled and confirmed, it’s time to properly organize your belongings. Rather than put everything in one bag or box,. Larger items, such as tables, sofas, and desks, should have clear hallways to the doorway. Please make sure to let our team know you intend on donating these larger items so we can ensure we send the right amount of team members. 

Let Our Donation Pickup Team Do The Rest

On the day of your donation pickup, you can sit back and relax, we’ll take it from there! Our team will bring everything from your home or office directly to our trucks. Depending on the amount you’ll be donating, we’ll make sure to send a team that’s able to handle it all. We make it as simple and stress-free as possible for you. We know how important time is, so our teams have been trained to be as efficient as possible to get everything loaded as quickly as possible.

If you’ve got an upcoming scheduled donation pickup or looking to get one scheduled, don’t hesitate to contact 9Pickup! Our team is more than happy to assist with whatever questions you may have. Ready to get started? Simply visit our online scheduling assistant at or call our scheduling team directly at 1-888-9-PICKUP!

Spring Clean Your Closet For a Worthy Cause

Spring cleaning your closet? Depending on the size of your closet it can seem daunting. Couple the physical work needed with the sentimental attachments you may have to your favorite belongings (even if you haven’t worn them in years) makes Spring cleaning hard on some people. But then it hits you that you really need to clear out the clutter so you can get back to enjoying your home again. But what to do with all this stuff?

South Florida Clothing Donations

What if we told you that cleaning out your closet can not only de-clutter your home but also assist children and their families that need a helping hand.Would that make it a bit easier to part ways with that shirt that still has the tag on it or those shoes you just had to have because they were cute, but are still in the box?

The good news is there are caring people who will happily rehome your precious belongings and treat them with the care that you would.  Even better news is that we at 9PICKUP are here to make the donation process a breeze. Realizing that your donation will go towards helping other families will make spring cleaning your closet easy and fun.

9PICKUP will gladly collect your donations free of charge and ensure that they end up in the hands of those who need them most. Through Networking to Help Children charity we collect and distribute your items so your spring cleaning can benefit others.

What items to donate to South Florida Charities?

But what exactly can I donate you ask? That’s a great question, lets look at some of the items that will make great donations.

Furniture & Home Décor 

We gladly accept donations of gently used furniture and Decorative items when spring cleaning your home. 


Instead of your clothes getting sent to a landfill, why not donate them? We gather donated clothes for adults and children in need. You can donate any type of apparel including men’s, women’s, and children’s clothing and accessories.

Handbags, Purses, and Luggage

Having a place to keep your valuables and documents on the go is an essential part of anyone’s attire. We accept purses, wallets, and manicure sets, as well as luggage to benefit persons in need.


That extra tablet that you received for Christmas that you haven’t taken the plastic screen protector off would make a great donation.. We accept tablets, laptops, software, monitors, televisions, cell phones etc.


You can donate new or gently used shoes. We accept all types of shoes including sneakers, dress shoes, sandals, work boots, etc. These will go to persons in need and will free up space on the floor of your closet.

Other items we collect include appliances, toys, Jewelry, sporting and outdoor goods, and so much more. For a full list of acceptable items visit 9pickup’s donations page.

Where To Donate Household Items in South Florida 

Use this weekend to get a good start spring cleaning your closet! Ready to donate unwanted household items? 9PICKUP will gladly accept your donations with our free donation pick up. Schedule a local pickup of South Florida donations by filling out the form online at or calling the toll-free hotline at 1-888-9-PICKUP.


Different Philosophies of Donating: From Marie Kondo to Minimalism

We all know that donating to people in need is a great way to help others and feel good about yourself, but are there different philosophies behind why people choose to donate? It turns out that there reasons that people donate to donation center Boca Raton are not all the same and can have different impacts. Let’s look into a couple different types of philosophies that support the idea of giving to others, and how you can incorporate these ideas into your everyday life.

  1. The Marie Kondo Philosophy

    When someone first decides that they want to donate, they have to choose which items they want to give away, and which of them they want to keep. It can be hard for people to intuitively know what they don’t want anymore, and Marie Kondo offers a simple tip to those who face this dilemma. In her hit show, “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo”, Marie tidies up her client’s houses by organizing their items into different piles. First she makes a pile of clothes, then items like books and paper related materials, and then sentimental items. She asks if each item sparks joy, and if it doesn’t, the person should thank the item for its purpose and then donate it. This philosophy is simple and easy for anyone to follow. Her philosophy has inspired many people to pack up the items they own that don’t spark joy for them and to donate them to a good cause. The next time you are trying to declutter your house or closet try using Marie’s method and see how much easier it is to let go of the things in your life that aren’t serving a purpose for you anymore!

  2. Compassionate Philanthropy

    One of the most common philosophies behind why people donate is called compassionate philanthropy. This is when someone donates to an organization because they feel compassionate about its cause and the type of good that it does for others. Typically people that engage in compassionate philanthropy donate to a specific cause because they have had a personal experience or emotional tie to the place that they donate to. This is the case when people donate to schools they’ve gone to, organizations that have helped them or their family members, or a cause that personally touches their heart. Compassionate philanthropy happens whenever the person who is giving to others feels compassion for those that they are helping, and this can be in addition to other reasons for donating. When people donate to the organizations that matter to them it can make them feel good about themselves and can help others who are in need at the same time. Anyone can use what matters to them as motivation to donate – what are the causes that matter the most to you? Think of a couple and then find a way to make a donation to the cause.

  3. Giving to the Needy

    Another philosophy of giving is when people choose to give to the neediest by definition of who is struggling the most. Those that choose to give to the people who are suffering the most and who are therefore in the most needy position, regardless of a person’s interests, that is who they will donate to. This philosophy is used by people who feel as though the people who are struggling the most should be the first attended to since their situations are more urgent than others. Although who is suffering the most may sound subjective, the philosophy of giving to the neediest usually refers to helping people who are homeless, starving, or facing malnourishment. Often people with this philosophy will go to impoverished neighborhoods or communities and help out in more than one way. For example, someone may donate clothing and items and also visit the place they are donating to do physical work like building housing or water systems to help the community thrive. If you want to make the biggest difference with your donation, think about the people who are suffering the most, and make an effort to help them with your donations. You can make a positive change today!

  4. Minimalism

    The practice of minimalism is another driving force behind why many people donate the items that they no longer need. It is the focus of living a great life with less or “minimal” material items in order to focus on things that bring the most value, such as spending time with family or focusing on having meaningful life experiences. Minimalism has become a mainstream idea over the last decade, and has helped many people declutter and help others at the same time. The idea behind minimalism is to avoid the modern mania of having so many possessions that it is a distraction from what really matters in life. Anyone who is practicing minimalism is often more incentivized to donate the items they no longer need to others in order to maintain their minimalist lifestyle. The process of choosing to let go of the items that are distracting and weighing us down ultimately benefits the people who are in need of what you donate. When you think about whether or not you should donate something, it may benefit you to think like a minimalist before you make your decision. Ask yourself if you really need that item or if it is just weighing you down and distracting from the more important things in your life, and you should have your answer.

Although the reason why someone may donate to others may be different than someone else’s, the important thing is to find a reason to donate to others in the first place. Giving to others should be a part of all of our philosophies, no matter what your values and beliefs are. If everyone found a reason to give back to others, the world would be a much better place. To get started, think about which one of these philosophies resonates with you the most and get motivated to get out to a donation center Boca Raton to make a difference in other people’s lives today.

Top Items That Donation Centers Are Looking For

If you want to clear out the house, there are companies out there to help. They eliminate the items you no longer require and leave the homes in order. You only need to cooperate with the company and tell the agents what to declutter and what not to. There are many donation centers where unwanted things will be taken. This means whatever you do not need anymore can help someone else somewhere. The company representatives have done this job for some time, and so they can share the list of the items these donation facilities want, and so you will not feel like you are disposing of but instead sharing.


Clothing is a basic need alongside food and shelter. Therefore, the clothes you do not wear because they do not fit you anymore, but in good condition can be donated. However, you do not have to donate the used ones because new ones can also help, indeed they are better as they will serve the beneficiary longer. Think of socks and undergarments that are highly demanded in donation centers, but unfortunately, they are not donated as regularly as you would think. Socks are necessary especially in the cold areas because they help the needy to survive the brisk nights. If you are in good financial condition, consider donating the luxury clothing so that you can be outstanding since many people afford second-hand clothes.

The donation facilities will also need bags and shoes because they complement proper clothing. Therefore, if you have winter boots, sandals, and other varieties, feel free to avail them at the collecting point. Backpacks and suitcases will help the needy in different ways because some are learners and can therefore use them when going to school, and the latter will help to cater to luggage. Ensure these items are perfectly arranged and in good usable condition before dropping them at the pic-up point.

New and Used Blankets

A decent house has extras like blankets and other beddings including; towels, comforters, tablecloths, and sheets. Especially during the summer, these beddings are unused. They can be donated to save lives of the people with inequities, and more so the ones experiencing winter, and are living in uninsulated houses. Before you decide that the given linen is not important anymore, consider washing it to see whether it still has the quality to be donated and help someone. The woolen and fleece blankets are preferred because they retain a lot of heat. You can as well buy new blankets if you notice the used ones are not in a condition to be donated.

School Supplies

You always have that nice book that keeps you busy on a couch during the chilly and crispy weather. On the other hand, some individuals would miss experiencing this, but they do not have such reading materials. These books can be novels, as well as children’s books, and if you can donate them to these people, they can appreciate. You can donate them to underfunded institutions, charitable organizations as well as libraries.

Schools need a lot of support beyond donating the lightly used reading materials because the basic supplies are mainly unreliable and insufficient. Therefore, you can donate whatever seems relevant in a learning institution be it at your job, grocery store, and others. At times, a school can have sufficient resources at the beginning of a term, but as time advances, the stores will be depleted. This is a perfect chance to chip in and donate the respective supplies, and all the stakeholders will appreciate it. You can supply notebooks, markers, pencils, and even foodstuff.

Art, Toys, and Games

Items of entertainment and decoration are greatly donated because everyone wishes to experience nice things. Therefore, you can think of donating the used puzzles, action figures, games, and toys. Children are the main beneficiaries of these resources, and at least they will deviate their attention from technology that has obsessed them a lot, and focus on imagination fostering.

Art is not commonly regarded as a gift, and so before you give it out, always contact the donation facility. However, many people appreciate the power of art, and those who do will agree that it is an amazing donation. You can as well auction the art, and donate the finances to the charity. Seek appraisals before donating to ensure it goes at the most favorable price tag. Enough research should be done when donating the art because the charity needs to preserve it for future generations.

Hygiene Necessities

When donating things, many people overlook the hygienic essentials. They forget about toothpaste, bathroom products, among others that can help a charity foundation or shelter. However, these items must be new with seals to be deemed fit for donation. Therefore, you can buy shampoo, shower gel, deodorants, diapers, pads and tampons, and toilet paper among others.

Sporting Accessories

Many people think of donating the basic needs, but they forget these needy people have other things beyond mere survival. Some kids and youths are talented in music and sports, and if given the right resources and opportunities, they can make their stars shine. Therefore, you can donate balls, uniforms, training gear, fitness accessories like dumbbells and bikes. The array of sporting pieces of equipment is wide, but you can only contribute to the one you have or can afford, and for sure they will change someone’s life.

Furniture and Homegoods

Not all people can afford to buy new furniture or other house items, and so if you want to dispose of yours, there are classic donation sites you can visit and help a person without. Plan for the pick-up, and your de-cluttering operation when the pick-up date approaches. Lastly, you should consider whether any restrictions can bar you from donating. Any donation center can refuse your furniture or house items if at all they are not in usable condition. The online donation resources facilitate the connection to the needy individuals directly, and so your out of favor furniture can be used by someone else.

Tis the Season! Best Items to Donate During the Holidays

America is known as a generous country, especially in times of suffering and despair that many around the world are facing today. In years previous, over $390 billion worth of goods and funds have been donated to those who were in need across the country. Do not worry though, you do not have to donate name brand items and loads of money. You can donate out of what you have, whether that is a lot or whether you just have a little and want to help. Consider the items below for ideas on what to donate this holiday season, the season of giving.

Clothes and Shoes

Around the holidays, the temperature gets colder and colder outside, and many are left without proper clothing for the colder weather. You may have years worth of coats and sweaters hanging in your closet, however, to donate to those who are living on the streets or are cold this winter. Consider donating socks and winter accessories such as scarves and hats as well though that can keep individuals warm when they are in the cold. Finally, if you have tennis shoes or boots that are in good condition, donate these as well to keep others’ feet warm and insulated.


Speaking of the cold weather, many individuals go without a warm place to sleep at night. If they do find a warm place to sleep, it is just on a friend or family member’s bed if they do not have a home of their own. Consider donating blankets this holiday season that will keep individuals warm when they are asleep, whether outside or on a couch if they do not have a home. Blankets also give a sense of security and safety that many individuals in need may lack.

Food for the Needy

So many people are hungry this holiday season, and many of these individuals do not receive the large dinners and feasts that you may be used to receiving during the holidays. Statistics indicate that one in six Americans face hunger every day, maybe not even knowing where their next meal will come from. Thankfully, there are food banks and charities across the country that help these hungry people, but they rely on donations. Consider donating non-perishable food items to these charities, and make sure everything is new and sealed so that these individuals have a chance to find food at these organizations.

Your Creations

If you are talented in knitting, crocheting or sewing, there are many items you can make for almost no cost to help individuals in need. Make scarves, hats, gloves and sweaters using your knitting or crocheting skills, and give these out to charities or to those in need. You could even make blankets or sweaters for shelter animals during this difficult time to keep them warm in the winter months. Finally, if you are talented in sewing, create jackets and blankets for individuals who need warmth from the cold during the winter months.

Personal Hygiene Goods

Personal hygiene products are expensive, and many individuals may not be able to afford them as they should. For this reason, many who are in need neglect their own personal hygiene due to a lack of finances and affordability. Consider, first, donating paper products such as feminine products, toilet paper, napkins and paper towels to individuals who are in need to help keep themselves and their homes clean. From there, gather toothbrushes, toothpaste, hairbrushes, shampoo, soap, deodorant and any other personal hygiene products. Consider the sample sizes as well so they are easy to transport in case the individuals in need do not have a home.


Many children expect Santa or their loved ones to bring them toys during the holidays. Unfortunately, for some children, however, the gift of toys never comes and they never receive a present due to financial concerns. There are many toy drives throughout the country, however, that you can donate to that help ensure that every child receives some form of gift during the holidays. Make sure any toys that you do donate are in new condition and work as they should so that you do not supply a child with a broken toy.

Pet Supplies

Pet supplies and food can be donated either to your local shelter or even to some food banks. Some foodbanks do have pet food and treats on hand for individuals and need to be able to feed their pets. In most cases though, your local shelter is the best place to donate these pet supplies which include food, litter, toys, leashes and other items. The shelters rely on donations and are unable to run without people bringing in the goods they need to care for the animals.


You are able to donate cash during the holiday season as well, though it is best to give to a charity that will then use it to provide for people or pets in need. Charities are unable to run without financial support, and if they seem to have ample supplies, give cash to keep them doing good work. These charities can then purchase exactly what they need instead of just relying on donations and hoping to make them work. An added benefit is that a cash donation is easier to claim on your tax returns as well if you are concerned with that.

Final Thoughts

The holidays are a time of giving, and that includes giving to your local charities and to individuals and pets in need. Feel free to donate actual goods such as clothing and hygiene products, as well as toys for children and pet supplies for animals. You can also donate cash to the charities who provide these goods to ensure they continue to run as they want to. Your gift, no matter what you donate, will be meaningful and can change lives though during the cold months of winter and this holiday season. To learn more about donating this season, contact donation pickup Boca Raton FL pro’s at 9Pickup.

Reasons to Donate Items During Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a holiday that only comes once a year. People look forward to it for months and months on end. What exactly makes the day in November so special, anyway? It’s a day that’s all about expressing your gratitude for all of the things that make your life have meaning and value. It’s about showing your thanks to your beloved family members and friends. It’s about acknowledging your health. It’s about acknowledge any and all things that make you feel positively about roaming the expansive planet on a daily basis.

Are you interested in perhaps doing something a little different for the upcoming Thanksgiving season? If you are, then you should consider taking the donation pickup Boca Raton FL route. So many individuals donate items from their residential properties for Thanksgiving. It isn’t uncommon for businesses to donate things for Thanksgiving, either.

What Exactly Should You Think About Donating for Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving holiday donations do not have to revolve around money in any sense of the term. You don’t have to be “made of money” to donate on Thanksgiving. That’s because odds are strong that you have items in your home that you no longer need or ever use. If you have things simply taking up space inside of your home, then you should probably ask yourself seriously if you’re able to donate them. If you don’t use something frequently or at all, that doesn’t mean that someone else will ignore it like you do. You may have a cardigan from years ago that’s a bit too snug. Don’t assume that it will be too tight on. someone else. You may have a record player that you’ve replaced with your computer or classic CD player. Don’t assume that other people want to make the same exact adjustments.

There are all sorts of donation pickup Boca Raton FL options on hand to generous people in this day and age. Thanksgiving marks the beginning of the weather getting a lot colder. Odds are high that your closet at home is brimming with wintry pieces. You may have a jacket that you barely or never wear. You may have a duffel coat that’s a part of that same exact category. If you have clothing items for the winter that barely or never ever see the light of day, then donation pickup Boca Raton FL may be the best option for them. It may be the best option for you as an individual, too.

You should think about donating coats, jackets, sweaters, sweatshirts, thermals, stockings, earmuffs, scarves, hats and anything else along those lines. Do not limit yourself to the clothing division in any sense. That’s because needy folks often require blankets when the weather gets a lot chillier. You should think about donating duvets, comforters, sheets, throws, pillows and anything else similar. What may seem like a waste of pure space to you may actually be a gem to a person who is in need.

There are many impoverished children out there who lack entertainment during the holiday seasons. There are just as many who lack educational materials. If you want to do something kind and socially responsible as a Thanksgiving donation guru, you should think about books. Donating old and classic literature may just open a child in need up to a vast new universe of promise and possibility.

Don’t forget about toys. Poor mothers and fathers are in many cases unable to purchase toys for their little ones. It doesn’t matter if you have a cozy old stuffed animal, a board game or anything else like those things. Donating them to a charitable organization or anything else like that may prove to be immensely rewarding for you.

Consider donating electronic devices. Do you have a desktop or a laptop computer that you no longer use at all? If you do, donating it may fill a person who is in need with joy.
Electronic devices go far beyond computers as well. You should think about donating anything from an old printer in your office to a paper shredder.

The Value of Completing Thanksgiving Donations

Why should you seriously ponder going forward with item donations for the Thanksgiving holiday season? Doing so can make any person feel light as a feather. It can be tough for needy people to have to deal with low nighttime temperatures. That’s because a lack of suitable blankets and bedding in general can make getting and staying asleep feel next to impossible at times. If you donate something that you no longer need, it’s a win-win. You can get rid of clutter that’s seemingly taking up essential space in your home. You can also give the person who ends up getting the item a feeling of trust and confidence.

Holiday donations can be good for the soul. It can be frustrating to acknowledge the fact that you’re not doing much to help out all of the people who are in your community. If you take the time to go forward with any and all kinds of donations, then you can feel positively about the fact that you’re doing anything and everything to help the adorable animals that became a part of your universe.

Donating furniture pieces can be excellent for people who want to upgrade their Thanksgiving existences. If you want to show your gratitude by downsizing everything, then donating your furniture items can be intelligent. Getting rid of old furniture items enables people to become the downsizing pioneers they all want to be deep down inside. If you part with holiday decorative elements, old apparel or anything else like that, you may encourage people to wonder about all of your next steps.

It’s not just important to donate items. It’s critical to make sure that you check any and all items before offering them to anyone else. It can be insulting to give a charitable organization clothing pieces that are chock-full of holes and rips. You should only donate items that can hold their own.

5 Signs it’s Time to Donate Unused Items

If you’re someone who has a lot of things lying around the house that you don’t know what to do with then it might be time for you to consider donating some of them. Your friends and family might be calling you a hoarder but that doesn’t mean you have to give away all of your belongings. You might just want to clear out some clutter and you don’t know it’s time to do it yet. Donating your items is a great way to recycle products, reduce waste and give to less fortunate people. You might have items that you’re going to throw away but could still benefit someone who is less fortunate. Donating is a great way to make sure these products are reused by a person who wouldn’t be able to afford it at retail price.

If you’re not sure whether or not it’s time for you to donate unused items, read on to find out the five signs to tell.

Your house is cluttered

A clean house is usually a tidy one. A cluttered house is typically associated with being dirty and being nasty. You don’t want other people to have this opinion about your home. Clothing can be one of the worse things lying around because it’s easy to accumulate a lot of pieces of clothing that just sit around. Making a clothing donation is easy to do and can quickly clear out your home from any clutter you might have. A clothing donation can be made at Goodwill, The Salvation Army and many other nonprofits that will specifically accept a clothing donation. Plus, clearing out your closet by making a clothing donation is a great way to update your wardrobe with new clothes and get rid of the old things you own. Some of these clothes might’ve not been worn by you for years but people less fortunate could really benefit from it. Donating your clothing gives you an excuse to purchase new clothes and rebuild your wardrobe.

If you’ve noticed your house is cluttered with extra clothing then you might want to consider making a clothing donation and getting rid of a lot of those items.

If you’re having kids

A cluttered house is not a great place to start a family. Young children can easily injure themselves if a house is cluttered and has a lot of junk lying around. You don’t want to subject your children to possible injury by having a cluttered house for them to live in. This is one great way to let you know that it’s time to tidy up your house and start donating unused items that take up space. Babies and young children get into trouble and create messes on their own. You don’t want to put them in an environment that is already messy.

If you’re looking for a way to give back to the community

Whether it’s a clothing donation, furniture donation or any other kind of donation, making a donation is an active choice to help someone less fortunate. If you’re looking to spread some generosity to others, donating used items is a great way to do this. You’ll be able to help out people who can’t afford the items that you own by donating these items to nonprofits like Goodwill. These nonprofits will make these items you donate more available to people who actually need it. Helping people in your community or people who are less fortunate could benefit you if you feel like you might need some good karma on your side or you want to help humanity. It doesn’t cost you any money to donate your used items, it might just take a little time to gather your items together and take them to a donation location. A clothing donation will clothe someone who can’t afford clothes and a furniture donation can help someone be more comfortable in a home who can’t afford it regularly.

You lost your love for this item

If you’ve lost your love for items that are just sitting around your house then that might be a sign that it’s time to donate these items. Losing your love for an item might mean that you don’t look at the item any more or that you’re just sick of seeing it in general. You don’t have to be in love with everything you own but if you’re absolutely sick of seeing it around then that might be a great indicator that you don’t need the item anymore. Donating items like this will make you feel happier about the space around you because fewer items that cause you grief will be around. Surrounding yourself with things that make you feel good is a great way to replace these items that you lost love for. Make sure you don’t love these items you’re donating before you give them away.

It no longer fits you or your style

For a clothing donation, you’ll know when it’s time to donate if the clothing pieces no longer fit your body or your style. These clothes can easily be identified as being ready to be donated. For donations that aren’t clothing, it’s important to note if the item fits your style or not. Style changes over time for everyone and it’s important to know whether or not this item still fits your style of life. If it doesn’t fit in with the rest of your items then this might be a good time to get rid of it and start new. Donating is a great way to get rid of it in a responsible manner because this item might fit someone else’s style even if it doesn’t fit yours. The same can be said about clothes that don’t fit, they could easily fit someone else with a different body frame then you. Donating keeps items in circulation while also reducing waste. You’ll be helping yourself and others around you by donating unused items. For immediate donation pickup Boca Raton FL services, contact us today.

Tips For Decluttering In The Fall Season

So you thought decluttering was just for spring? You thought changing over from summer to fall colors was all that was necessary? Getting rid of clutter improves our way of life. Here are a few tips to help.

Where Should I Start?

The first thing is to understand that clutter, overwhelming or simply too much stuff, makes us depressed. We think we’ll never accomplish anything, else we wouldn’t have so much crud piled around us. We live in fear of having friends drop by unannounced. They might have a censorious look on their faces.

Bright, clean, uncluttered spaces make us happy. We face each day with a smile, with increased energy, and with focus. We’ll do whatever it takes not to clutter our space. Thus we need a plan.

Begin With One Room

Sit down with a pen and notebook. Use a page for each room in the house. Identify what in each room is necessary for daily life. What isn’t necessary goes.

Begin With One Surface

Take five minutes each day beginning with one room. Clear off a counter, table, dresser, or floor. Tuck something in its designated place. Throw something in the trash or recycle bin. Take something belonging in another room to the other room.

How To Organize The Room

You’ll need two boxes: one labeled donate and one labeled maybe. Into the maybe box should go things you might need in the future or what you might need one day that cost too much to donate. Designate a place in each room for storing the maybe box along with daily used items. Spend a few minutes enjoying the bright, clean, uncluttered space and how it makes you feel.

Involve The Family

Sometimes it isn’t us but other members of the household that clutters it up. Talk to your significant other, children, roommate, or renter of a room in your house. While one person absolutely can make a difference, it’s up to each of us to take responsibility for our actions.

Set aside a weekend or day off for decluttering. Have each household member tackle their own room. For common areas, set aside time when you all can declutter the kitchen, living room, media room, bathroom, and such. Find places for the clutter. If there isn’t a place, refer to the paragraph above about boxes labeled donate and maybe. Put the boxes in their designated place.

A Place For Everything And Everything In Its Place

Something as simple as the mail can pile up on you if you don’t have a place for it to be. Some use a plate on a console table in the foyer for the mail. Other people toss it on the kitchen table. Wherever you place it, it needs to be decluttered. Place what needs to be kept in a file folder on a desk or a spot on the console table. Toss what isn’t necessary.

Shoes And Coats

Those without a coat closet by the front door need a place to put the pile of shoes and jackets, umbrellas and hats cluttering the foyer. Have each owner of shoes and such take them to their rooms to be put away. Do this once or twice a week, and you should have no clutter.

Tip: Shoes and coats can be stored on closet organizing racks.


Whomever does their laundry should fold and put away their wash every day. It only takes five minutes. Piles of clothing in the bathroom and bedrooms is not only cluttering but unsafe. Tripping over it can harm someone.

Tip: Place dirty clothing directly in the washer. When it’s full, start a load. When it’s done, fold it and put it away.

Books, Backpacks, And Other Bags

People often pile their backpacks, shopping bags, and books on a surface until they’re ready to use them. This clutters a room. Take five minutes each day to put books back on shelves, put away the contents of shopping bags, and place backpacks in the owner’s room.

Tip: Backpacks can be hung on hooks in closets or placed in baskets in cubbies designed for these things.


Each spring and fall, the waltz of the closets begins. In the fall, spring and summer clothing is replaced with long sleeves, fleece, and fluffy coats. However, in fall, we have accumulated so much that the clutter needs weeding out. Grab your boxes, because you’re going to be ruthless in your weeding.


If it no longer fits, donate it.

What Were You Thinking?

Sometimes we can’t pass up a bargain no matter how ugly the garment. These along with the Christmas and birthday gifts that you wouldn’t wear on a bet go in the donate box.

Spring And Summer

You won’t need this clothing for six to eight more months. Are they going to fit at that time? Will they be in style at that time? Do you have too many spring and summer items? Be ruthless. Weed them out and donate them.

Tip: Department stores put out their spring lines in December and their fall lines in May. Use these dates to judge what spring and summer items you should donate in order to buy new in spring and summer.

Shoes And Coats

There is no bulky clutter quite like shoes and coats. These sometimes take up closets of their own. When was the last time you wore your heavy winter coat? Is it still warm, and do you still love it? Okay, it stays. Do you wear lighter but still bulky jackets? At all? Donate them.

Shoes are a toughie. If you haven’t worn them in six months, donate them. If you no longer have the job for which you bought particular styles of shoe, donate them. If the sneakers are a bit ratty, chuck them and buy new ones. Do you seriously need six pair of winter boots? Donate all but one pair.

Tip: Planet Aid charity donation boxes are plentiful in many cities. Donate your gently used clothing and shoes there. 9 Pickup offer safe and reliable donation pickup in Boca Raton FL. Contact us today to learn more.

How to Ensure Your Donations Are Sanitary

The world is adapting to the changes that have rocked the world and many people have been thoroughly affected by the situation in many ways. Many people have experienced a loss of work or income in one way or the other. In the same way, people have come together to uplift others in by offering donations in terms of food, clothing, toiletries and even money. In a period where sanitation is key, here is how to assure that your donations meet the safety standards.

Consider the donation

One of the ways to start off your care caution journey. Some donations like food items are more prone to being contaminated than others because they harbor environments that can support the growth of harmful bacteria or germs. Some of them like milk, cheese, beans, canned goods or other things which are consumed directly can prove to be a home for contaminants, making them more harm than good. If you are donating electrical gadgets, ensure they are safe to operate and handle so that they do not end up harming those sanitizing them or the recipient.

Always sanitize

Whether you are donating or whether you are receiving, sanitization is key. Sanitize the bag or box that will be used to carry the donations to areas and donation. Some areas of donations may receive an overwhelming amount of donations so it might be difficult to sanitize all of them and if it is actually done, contamination can easily occur on the way to to a beneficiary. When you receive the donation package, ensure that you throw away the packaging it was in. Then proceed to sanitize all items that require sanitizing and wash everything like fruits and vegetables. Only after doing this can you proceed to store them. Sanitization is a personal responsibility that will keep you safe.

Consider mailing the donations

Considering the place you are making the donation to, you might want to send through the mail for your own benefit and that of the beneficiaries of the donation. Some of the donations largely being done revolve around clothing or toiletries. Some of these donations end up in orphanages and homes for the elderly. These are some of the people in the age groups most susceptible to getting ill from minor contaminants. While it is wise to note some of the donations might take quite a while to arrive due to the strain caused by massive online shopping but it will eventually get there.

Can you do it cashless?

Well, you do not have to buy everything that you want to donate. Unless you are one of those people who splurged the first few months of the year and you need to give some things away or you are decluttering, you have an option to just send some money instead. As you can imagine, some of the donation centers have been overwhelmed by some donations while falling short of meeting others. Most of them also have channels that allow cashless donations ie through credit card transfers, GoFundMe and many others. Using these channels, you can donate to the donation centres and then they can proceed to allocate the money to areas that are in need. It might seem like donations revolve around basic needs but some people are in need of other things like supplements, books and so much more.

Wear protective gear

If you are receiving or donating items, just like health care workers, you might want to wear some form of protective gear. This does not necessarily mean you have to wear a plastic overall but something as small as a pair of gloves can go a long way to offering you some level of protection. When you go out to give the donations, wear a mask and avoid touching too many areas like stair railings. After you are done with the task, ie packing or unpacking, safely dispose of off the gloves and mask.

All in all, sanitation is one of the most important parts of our lives and especially during this period. One of the most important things to note is that while many people have their own sanitation routines, some may not exactly align with yours. If you happen to have a routine, follow it to the latter so whenever you are a beneficiary of donations, sanitize them. Also ensure that as a donator, you play your part in the sanitization of your donations. Also, keep on giving because your donation is helpful to someone.

Donate responsibly

Donation is not dumping, which is something a lot of people do when they feel they have a lot of things they need to get rid off. Things ranging from books to clothes sometimes become a lot and you want to give them away without making them trash. However, it is okay to accept that some things would rather end up in the trash than in someone’s house. It makes more sense to have given out something that you would feel okay wearing. If it is too old or torn, it belongs to the trashcan and not the donation bag. Apart from saving the guys at the donation bank a tonne of work in terms of sorting, you also save them some in the sanitization process and ensuring that only the useful material gets attention. That said, ensure you sort through your goodwill to ensure that you only give out what is useful and safe.

Donating is not a sign of wealth, it is the sign of someone with a willing heart. When you donate, you help someone through a tough time in their lives and help them move forward. The only way to ensure that what you give is helpful to another is by practicing empathy and seeing whether you would have found it useful if you were in the same shoes. Sanitize all your donations as the first step of responsibility. Using PPEs when sanitizing or receiving donations is a form of self-care that you can practice slowly before you get used to it. Call the experts at donation pickup Boca Raton FL – 9Pickup for all of your donation needs and questions.

10 Ways Your Kids Can Contribute to Being Less Wasteful at Home

Waste reduction begins at home. Kids can be wasteful, so it makes sense to train them early in a variety of different ways. Reducing waste is easier in small increments, and parents that start teaching kids early have much more success.

Less Food Waste

One of the big areas for kids tend to waste a lot is with food. It is up to the parents to provide a means for children to realize just how much food they are wasting on a regular basis. Sometimes this comes through buying less food. Sometimes less access needs to be given to food. When kids know if there is a lot of food at their disposal that they can waste they’re not going to be mindful of what they are doing with the food. If they have restrictions on how much they can acquire they are going to put more effort into valuing what they have.

Stopping Buying in Excess

Children are naturally going to be sponges when it comes to buying things. The parent that has no structure when it comes to what they are buying are essentially raising kids to do the same. Parents need to become responsible with their money. They need to learn how to budget and pass this life skill down to their parents. The parents that are buying excessively they are only teaching their kids that it is okay to spend with reckless abandon. Kids learn from their parents, so spending needs to be put in check, and adults need to be able to pass their life lessons about money down to their children.

Feed the Homeless

Another helpful way to reduce waste is to change the perspective of the child. Taking children to volunteer at a homeless shelter can be life changing. It came become the thing that gives the child a chance to see that food in great quantities is not the reality for everyone. Kids may become much more grateful for what they have in terms of food, clothing and shelter when they help others that do not have these things.

Reduce Energy Waste

A big thing that a lot of parents struggle with is the energy waste that their children engage in. Children should be taught how to save energy by cutting off devices and light sources that are not be utilized. There are a lot of kids that are charging devices for days that are not being used. There are computers that are being used in the home that may be one for the entire day. It makes sense to be vocal about this and tell the kids how much money is being wasted this way. It can cut the energy costs and reduce so much energy wasted.

Time Wasters

A lot of kids are procrastinators when it comes to time. This is another area of waste that may seem trivial for children, but adults realize how much procrastination and wasted time can kill productivity.

Kids need structure. They need to know that there is a reason for doing things in a timely manner. They should make their beds when they get up in the morning. They should clean their rooms little by little daily. They may assume may have more time than they have. Getting them on a regular schedule even when they are not in school is preparing them. It is making them more effective. It is making them more productive for their future ahead as adults.


People that recycle are helping save the environment. The adults that teach their children how to recycle are leading another generation into helping the environment. It is important for children to realize that the Earth needs people that are concerned about the environment. People that are recycling plastic and paper are going to have a better grasp of the importance of minimizing the carbon footprint. They are going to be much more in tune with creating a better environment for the rest of the world.


So many people throw away clothing that they are no longer using that is still in good use. Parents that want to teach their kids how to stop wasting items need to consider donating clothing, electronics and any other items that may still be usable. It is a teaching moment that allows children to get a better grasp on how they can be helpful to someone else by donating items. For donation pickup Boca Raton FL, contact 9pickup today.

Buy Used

It can also be a very important part of any efforts to reduce waste. It can be very wasteful to spend a lot of money on new items that could possibly be purchased for much less used. There’s often a lot of focus on how people can stop wasting items that they already have. There should be more focus on how people can also stop wasting money by acquiring items that they could get somewhere else for a lot less.

The Waiting Game

Sometimes it becomes easier to save money, reduce food waste, and cut down on material items by waiting it out. There are times where it makes more sense to consider waiting before purchasing something. Kids should not be put into a place where instant gratification is the only thing that they are familiar with. Delay is not denial. Sometimes children need to wait for some things that they may have the desire to buy. They may find that their request for certain things is not something that they even want anymore.

Quality Time Outside

This new generation of children are spending so much time online. They are streaming entertainment, playing video games and spending so much in the house. They are naturally going to be utilizing more energy, eating more food that they may not finish and do more things that will waste energy. It is much better to get the kids to get outside. They can cut down on energy waste by reading a book outside or riding a bike.