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Why Donating And Dumping Are Different

Why donating and dumping are very different.


Why You Should Donate And NOT Dump

Donating is a great way to benefit others, and make use of items that are still in good condition. It feels good to do good and is a nice bonus to clean out your space. Donating used items to charities is a great idea, however, there is a BIG difference between donating and dumping. 

What Items You Can Donate

When donating items, giving away overly-used items is not a great idea. Most of the time they are not able to be sold and no one wants something that is falling apart. Donating is when you package up slightly used or newer items and give them away to be used by others. As long as the items are in good condition, then the donation is able to be sold to someone else to give it a second life.

What Is Dumping?

Dumping is when you take items to donate and leave them outside of the donation facility when it is clearly closed or not accepting donations. This causes issues and also becomes an eyesore. 

During the pandemic, there were countless people organizing their homes and cleaning out pantries, closets, garages, and any space with clutter. The problem was that thrift stores were closed and unable to accept donations. This did not stop many people from dumping their old items at donation centers, causing things to pile up. 

Instead of taking items to the dump, people left their old items on the road near donation centers. This caused issues with thrift stores blowing their budgets on waste removal services. It caused quite the issue.

Donate Items In Good Condition

If you have items for donation that are in good condition, we encourage you to schedule your free pick-up. However, if you have items that are clearly in need of dumping, please dispose of them in a proper manner. You can find free or paid trash pick-up services or take your garbage to the local dump. If your items are not too large, you can also leave them by the curb depending on the trash services in your city. 

You can take items that are trash to dumps, leave them by the curb, or take them to a dump. 

Schedule Your Free Donation Pick Up Today!

This is why it is important to differentiate between the old junk that you should take to the dump and lightly used items that someone else may want. If you are not sure what is what, you can take a look at our list of acceptable donation items here

While we do accept donation drop-offs, we also offer free donation pick-up services. When donating items to be picked up, make sure they are in good condition.