downsizing your home

3 Tips To Make Downsizing Your Home A Breeze

Downsizing into a smaller home is an arduous task that requires every ounce of effort physically, mentally, and emotionally. Many homeowners don’t realize it, but as the years go on they tend to collect and store far more in their current home than they probably originally realized. It can quickly become overwhelming when trying to move out of your current home and into another one, ...

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south florida palm trees and blue skys

Moving To South Florida? What To Know

It’s hard to not love South Florida. From the unbelievable weather all year long to the white sand beaches, how could you stay away? More and more people are making the move to South Florida with each passing day. According to Census data, around 230,000 people moved to Florida last year alone, more than second place Texas with 170,000 domestic migrations. It’s no surprise, as ...

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new years resolution | box with items for donation

Make Decluttering Your New Years Resolution

Every December as the year unwinds, millions of people across the country start preparing for the new year by sitting down and trying to figure out where they want to improve their lives. These New Year’s Resolutions can be anything from going back to the gym to cutting back on watching as much television. This year, make your New Year’s Resolution to declutter your home.  ...

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tax deductible donation

Donate Your Used Items For A Tax Deduction

When you donate your used items, not only is it good for your closet, and the environment, but it’s also beneficial for your taxes. According to the IRS, you are able to deduct charitable contributions made to qualified organizations. Donating items to 9pickup can get you a tax deductible receipt.

Ready to donate some lightly used items? 

Get your donations picked up for free, and ...

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item pickup boxes

9Pickup FAQs

As one of South Florida’s leading donation pickup services, we here at 9Pickup are proud to support our community across Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach willing to donate their lightly used clothing, furniture, and items to help benefit their community through our partnership with Networking To Help Children. Through scheduling countless donation pickups, we’ve come across several similar questions that some have had. Some of ...

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How To Prepare For Your Donation Pickup

Scheduling a donation pickup to your home is the first step to helping out your community. While it may seem like you’re just giving away things you no longer need, they can make a world of difference for another person or family in need. You’ve called into 9pickup and got your donation pickup scheduled, but what’s the next step? No need to fret, as we’ll ...

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Spring Clean Your Closet For A Worthy Cause

Spring cleaning your closet? Depending on the size of your closet it can seem daunting.

Couple the physical work needed with the sentimental attachments you may have to your favorite belongings (even if you haven’t worn them in years) makes Spring cleaning hard on some people. But then it hits you that you really need to clear out the clutter so you can get back ...

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Different Philosophies Of Donating: From Marie Kondo To Minimalism

We all know that donating to people in need is a great way to help others and feel good about yourself, but are there different philosophies behind why people choose to donate? It turns out that there reasons that people donate to donation center Boca Raton are not all the same and can have different ...

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Top Items That Donation Centers Are You Looking For

If you want to clear out the house, there are companies out there to help. They eliminate the items you no longer require and leave the homes in order. You only need to cooperate with the company and tell the agents what to declutter and what not to. There are many donation centers where unwanted ...

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