Charities Helping Kids

Charities Helping Kids

When a generous spirit or concern for a friend or family member in need motivates you to make a financial or material donation to a charity, it’s important to make sure that your charitable donation will be put to the use you intended.

If you want to use your resources to help children, for instance, how can you be sure that your donation will actually be used for that? Unfortunately, not all charities are created equal. Scammers use social media daily to portray themselves as a reputable charity. Even more despicable are those who use other people’s tragedies to line their own pockets.

Armed with this knowledge, do your due diligence before hitting that “Donate Now” button. Unfortunately, even charities with good intentions can be poorly run, resulting in mismanagement of donations. In other words, your contribution might not reach its intended recipients or purpose.

So what can you do to make sure that your donations to help kids are actually used to help kids?

Pick a charity that feels right and research their mission and goals. Whether you’re choosing a large international organization or a local charity, make sure that their goals align with your intended contribution.

Once you find one that is working to support children, figure out how you can partner with them to reach a specific goal. Can you donate clothing or food to help children who’ve been orphaned? Can you work with children in foster care as a mentor or big brother/big sister? Can you donate your time to tutor or read to older children with learning disabilities or rock babies who were born addicted to drugs? Can you donate money to support scholarship funds for children who excel academically but don’t have the financial means to further their education?

As a donor, it’s up to you to ask important questions before you donate your time, resources, or goods. At 9Pickup, we’re happy to answer any questions you might have about our mission and services, and we’re happy to pick up your donations and use them to support local children through our partnership with Networking to Help Children.