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10 Ways Your Kids Can Contribute to Being Less Wasteful at Home

Waste reduction begins at home. Kids can be wasteful, so it makes sense to train them early in a variety of different ways. Reducing waste is easier in small increments, and parents that start teaching kids early have much more success.

Less Food Waste

One of the big areas for kids tend to waste a lot is with food. It is up to the parents to provide a means for children to realize just how much food they are wasting on a regular basis. Sometimes this comes through buying less food. Sometimes less access needs to be given to food. When kids know if there is a lot of food at their disposal that they can waste they’re not going to be mindful of what they are doing with the food. If they have restrictions on how much they can acquire they are going to put more effort into valuing what they have.

Stopping Buying in Excess

Children are naturally going to be sponges when it comes to buying things. The parent that has no structure when it comes to what they are buying are essentially raising kids to do the same. Parents need to become responsible with their money. They need to learn how to budget and pass this life skill down to their parents. The parents that are buying excessively they are only teaching their kids that it is okay to spend with reckless abandon. Kids learn from their parents, so spending needs to be put in check, and adults need to be able to pass their life lessons about money down to their children.

Feed the Homeless

Another helpful way to reduce waste is to change the perspective of the child. Taking children to volunteer at a homeless shelter can be life changing. It came become the thing that gives the child a chance to see that food in great quantities is not the reality for everyone. Kids may become much more grateful for what they have in terms of food, clothing and shelter when they help others that do not have these things.

Reduce Energy Waste

A big thing that a lot of parents struggle with is the energy waste that their children engage in. Children should be taught how to save energy by cutting off devices and light sources that are not be utilized. There are a lot of kids that are charging devices for days that are not being used. There are computers that are being used in the home that may be one for the entire day. It makes sense to be vocal about this and tell the kids how much money is being wasted this way. It can cut the energy costs and reduce so much energy wasted.

Time Wasters

A lot of kids are procrastinators when it comes to time. This is another area of waste that may seem trivial for children, but adults realize how much procrastination and wasted time can kill productivity.

Kids need structure. They need to know that there is a reason for doing things in a timely manner. They should make their beds when they get up in the morning. They should clean their rooms little by little daily. They may assume may have more time than they have. Getting them on a regular schedule even when they are not in school is preparing them. It is making them more effective. It is making them more productive for their future ahead as adults.


People that recycle are helping save the environment. The adults that teach their children how to recycle are leading another generation into helping the environment. It is important for children to realize that the Earth needs people that are concerned about the environment. People that are recycling plastic and paper are going to have a better grasp of the importance of minimizing the carbon footprint. They are going to be much more in tune with creating a better environment for the rest of the world.


So many people throw away clothing that they are no longer using that is still in good use. Parents that want to teach their kids how to stop wasting items need to consider donating clothing, electronics and any other items that may still be usable. It is a teaching moment that allows children to get a better grasp on how they can be helpful to someone else by donating items. For donation pickup Boca Raton FL, contact 9pickup today.

Buy Used

It can also be a very important part of any efforts to reduce waste. It can be very wasteful to spend a lot of money on new items that could possibly be purchased for much less used. There’s often a lot of focus on how people can stop wasting items that they already have. There should be more focus on how people can also stop wasting money by acquiring items that they could get somewhere else for a lot less.

The Waiting Game

Sometimes it becomes easier to save money, reduce food waste, and cut down on material items by waiting it out. There are times where it makes more sense to consider waiting before purchasing something. Kids should not be put into a place where instant gratification is the only thing that they are familiar with. Delay is not denial. Sometimes children need to wait for some things that they may have the desire to buy. They may find that their request for certain things is not something that they even want anymore.

Quality Time Outside

This new generation of children are spending so much time online. They are streaming entertainment, playing video games and spending so much in the house. They are naturally going to be utilizing more energy, eating more food that they may not finish and do more things that will waste energy. It is much better to get the kids to get outside. They can cut down on energy waste by reading a book outside or riding a bike.