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Tis the Season! Best Items to Donate During the Holidays

America is known as a generous country, especially in times of suffering and despair that many around the world are facing today. In years previous, over $390 billion worth of goods and funds have been donated to those who were in need across the country. Do not worry though, you do not have to donate name brand items and loads of money. You can donate out of what you have, whether that is a lot or whether you just have a little and want to help. Consider the items below for ideas on what to donate this holiday season, the season of giving.

Clothes and Shoes

Around the holidays, the temperature gets colder and colder outside, and many are left without proper clothing for the colder weather. You may have years worth of coats and sweaters hanging in your closet, however, to donate to those who are living on the streets or are cold this winter. Consider donating socks and winter accessories such as scarves and hats as well though that can keep individuals warm when they are in the cold. Finally, if you have tennis shoes or boots that are in good condition, donate these as well to keep others’ feet warm and insulated.


Speaking of the cold weather, many individuals go without a warm place to sleep at night. If they do find a warm place to sleep, it is just on a friend or family member’s bed if they do not have a home of their own. Consider donating blankets this holiday season that will keep individuals warm when they are asleep, whether outside or on a couch if they do not have a home. Blankets also give a sense of security and safety that many individuals in need may lack.

Food for the Needy

So many people are hungry this holiday season, and many of these individuals do not receive the large dinners and feasts that you may be used to receiving during the holidays. Statistics indicate that one in six Americans face hunger every day, maybe not even knowing where their next meal will come from. Thankfully, there are food banks and charities across the country that help these hungry people, but they rely on donations. Consider donating non-perishable food items to these charities, and make sure everything is new and sealed so that these individuals have a chance to find food at these organizations.

Your Creations

If you are talented in knitting, crocheting or sewing, there are many items you can make for almost no cost to help individuals in need. Make scarves, hats, gloves and sweaters using your knitting or crocheting skills, and give these out to charities or to those in need. You could even make blankets or sweaters for shelter animals during this difficult time to keep them warm in the winter months. Finally, if you are talented in sewing, create jackets and blankets for individuals who need warmth from the cold during the winter months.

Personal Hygiene Goods

Personal hygiene products are expensive, and many individuals may not be able to afford them as they should. For this reason, many who are in need neglect their own personal hygiene due to a lack of finances and affordability. Consider, first, donating paper products such as feminine products, toilet paper, napkins and paper towels to individuals who are in need to help keep themselves and their homes clean. From there, gather toothbrushes, toothpaste, hairbrushes, shampoo, soap, deodorant and any other personal hygiene products. Consider the sample sizes as well so they are easy to transport in case the individuals in need do not have a home.


Many children expect Santa or their loved ones to bring them toys during the holidays. Unfortunately, for some children, however, the gift of toys never comes and they never receive a present due to financial concerns. There are many toy drives throughout the country, however, that you can donate to that help ensure that every child receives some form of gift during the holidays. Make sure any toys that you do donate are in new condition and work as they should so that you do not supply a child with a broken toy.

Pet Supplies

Pet supplies and food can be donated either to your local shelter or even to some food banks. Some foodbanks do have pet food and treats on hand for individuals and need to be able to feed their pets. In most cases though, your local shelter is the best place to donate these pet supplies which include food, litter, toys, leashes and other items. The shelters rely on donations and are unable to run without people bringing in the goods they need to care for the animals.


You are able to donate cash during the holiday season as well, though it is best to give to a charity that will then use it to provide for people or pets in need. Charities are unable to run without financial support, and if they seem to have ample supplies, give cash to keep them doing good work. These charities can then purchase exactly what they need instead of just relying on donations and hoping to make them work. An added benefit is that a cash donation is easier to claim on your tax returns as well if you are concerned with that.

Final Thoughts

The holidays are a time of giving, and that includes giving to your local charities and to individuals and pets in need. Feel free to donate actual goods such as clothing and hygiene products, as well as toys for children and pet supplies for animals. You can also donate cash to the charities who provide these goods to ensure they continue to run as they want to. Your gift, no matter what you donate, will be meaningful and can change lives though during the cold months of winter and this holiday season. To learn more about donating this season, contact donation pickup Boca Raton FL pro’s at 9Pickup.