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How to Ensure Your Donations Are Sanitary

The world is adapting to the changes that have rocked the world and many people have been thoroughly affected by the situation in many ways. Many people have experienced a loss of work or income in one way or the other. In the same way, people have come together to uplift others in by offering donations in terms of food, clothing, toiletries and even money. In a period where sanitation is key, here is how to assure that your donations meet the safety standards.

Consider the donation

One of the ways to start off your care caution journey. Some donations like food items are more prone to being contaminated than others because they harbor environments that can support the growth of harmful bacteria or germs. Some of them like milk, cheese, beans, canned goods or other things which are consumed directly can prove to be a home for contaminants, making them more harm than good. If you are donating electrical gadgets, ensure they are safe to operate and handle so that they do not end up harming those sanitizing them or the recipient.

Always sanitize

Whether you are donating or whether you are receiving, sanitization is key. Sanitize the bag or box that will be used to carry the donations to areas and donation. Some areas of donations may receive an overwhelming amount of donations so it might be difficult to sanitize all of them and if it is actually done, contamination can easily occur on the way to to a beneficiary. When you receive the donation package, ensure that you throw away the packaging it was in. Then proceed to sanitize all items that require sanitizing and wash everything like fruits and vegetables. Only after doing this can you proceed to store them. Sanitization is a personal responsibility that will keep you safe.

Consider mailing the donations

Considering the place you are making the donation to, you might want to send through the mail for your own benefit and that of the beneficiaries of the donation. Some of the donations largely being done revolve around clothing or toiletries. Some of these donations end up in orphanages and homes for the elderly. These are some of the people in the age groups most susceptible to getting ill from minor contaminants. While it is wise to note some of the donations might take quite a while to arrive due to the strain caused by massive online shopping but it will eventually get there.

Can you do it cashless?

Well, you do not have to buy everything that you want to donate. Unless you are one of those people who splurged the first few months of the year and you need to give some things away or you are decluttering, you have an option to just send some money instead. As you can imagine, some of the donation centers have been overwhelmed by some donations while falling short of meeting others. Most of them also have channels that allow cashless donations ie through credit card transfers, GoFundMe and many others. Using these channels, you can donate to the donation centres and then they can proceed to allocate the money to areas that are in need. It might seem like donations revolve around basic needs but some people are in need of other things like supplements, books and so much more.

Wear protective gear

If you are receiving or donating items, just like health care workers, you might want to wear some form of protective gear. This does not necessarily mean you have to wear a plastic overall but something as small as a pair of gloves can go a long way to offering you some level of protection. When you go out to give the donations, wear a mask and avoid touching too many areas like stair railings. After you are done with the task, ie packing or unpacking, safely dispose of off the gloves and mask.

All in all, sanitation is one of the most important parts of our lives and especially during this period. One of the most important things to note is that while many people have their own sanitation routines, some may not exactly align with yours. If you happen to have a routine, follow it to the latter so whenever you are a beneficiary of donations, sanitize them. Also ensure that as a donator, you play your part in the sanitization of your donations. Also, keep on giving because your donation is helpful to someone.

Donate responsibly

Donation is not dumping, which is something a lot of people do when they feel they have a lot of things they need to get rid off. Things ranging from books to clothes sometimes become a lot and you want to give them away without making them trash. However, it is okay to accept that some things would rather end up in the trash than in someone’s house. It makes more sense to have given out something that you would feel okay wearing. If it is too old or torn, it belongs to the trashcan and not the donation bag. Apart from saving the guys at the donation bank a tonne of work in terms of sorting, you also save them some in the sanitization process and ensuring that only the useful material gets attention. That said, ensure you sort through your goodwill to ensure that you only give out what is useful and safe.

Donating is not a sign of wealth, it is the sign of someone with a willing heart. When you donate, you help someone through a tough time in their lives and help them move forward. The only way to ensure that what you give is helpful to another is by practicing empathy and seeing whether you would have found it useful if you were in the same shoes. Sanitize all your donations as the first step of responsibility. Using PPEs when sanitizing or receiving donations is a form of self-care that you can practice slowly before you get used to it. Call the experts at donation pickup Boca Raton FL – 9Pickup for all of your donation needs and questions.