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Why You Should Donate Your Children’s Clothes

We have talked about the importance of cleaning out your own closet, but what about your child’s closet?  You should donate old children’s clothes, especially if they no longer serve a purpose. It is arguably even more important to go through your child’s closet than your own, and here’s why!

6 Reasons Why You Should Donate Your Children’s Clothes

Your kids outgrow things quickly.

This is no shock to you, but it does give you another reason to get rid of old clothes. If your child has recently gone through a growth spurt and no longer fits into their clothes, it is time to purge their closet. There is no point in keeping old items and it will only end up looking cluttered and messy. 

Your child may not wear or use everything in their closet. 

Remember that bright pink dress you bought for your daughter in hopes that she would wear it? Yeah, so do we, but the reality is that she will probably never end up wearing that thing without a fight. They may no longer use some of their old toys or shoes, either. Figure out what is important to keep and donate the rest. 

Your kid’s clothes can get ruined pretty quickly. 

Kids will be kids. They will play outside, make messes, and ruin their clothes. This is perfectly fine and just a part of growing up, however, you should know when it is time to clean out their closet and give or throw away old items. There is no point in keeping a shirt that has stains on it. If it is too dirty, then throw it away, but if it is only slightly worn and not in brand-new condition, consider donating it for someone else to use. 

Organization is not just for adults.

Living in a cluttered mess can stress us out. The same is true for children. Opening a closet and not being able to find what they need in the morning in order to get dressed by themselves is extremely frustrating. The same goes for their toys. This is why you should clean out your kid’s closet and remove anything that gets in the way of them having an organized space.

It helps you know where to find things.

Looking to pack a bag for your next family vacation but having a hard time finding your son or daughter’s bathing suit? This just gives you more motive to want to tackle your child’s overly-fully closet space. 

Not sure how to get started?

The Nourishing minimalist has a wonderful blog post about how to get started organizing your child’s closet. They suggest removing everything from the closet to start and then sorting items into 3 bags or boxes: Trash, donate, keep.

Ready to clean out your kid’s closet?

Schedule a donation pickup today to seal the deal.