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Tips For Decluttering In The Fall Season

So you thought decluttering was just for spring? You thought changing over from summer to fall colors was all that was necessary? Getting rid of clutter improves our way of life. Here are a few tips to help.

Where Should I Start?

The first thing is to understand that clutter, overwhelming or simply too much stuff, makes us depressed. We think we’ll never accomplish anything, else we wouldn’t have so much crud piled around us. We live in fear of having friends drop by unannounced. They might have a censorious look on their faces.

Bright, clean, uncluttered spaces make us happy. We face each day with a smile, with increased energy, and with focus. We’ll do whatever it takes not to clutter our space. Thus we need a plan.

Begin With One Room

Sit down with a pen and notebook. Use a page for each room in the house. Identify what in each room is necessary for daily life. What isn’t necessary goes.

Begin With One Surface

Take five minutes each day beginning with one room. Clear off a counter, table, dresser, or floor. Tuck something in its designated place. Throw something in the trash or recycle bin. Take something belonging in another room to the other room.

How To Organize The Room

You’ll need two boxes: one labeled donate and one labeled maybe. Into the maybe box should go things you might need in the future or what you might need one day that cost too much to donate. Designate a place in each room for storing the maybe box along with daily used items. Spend a few minutes enjoying the bright, clean, uncluttered space and how it makes you feel.

Involve The Family

Sometimes it isn’t us but other members of the household that clutters it up. Talk to your significant other, children, roommate, or renter of a room in your house. While one person absolutely can make a difference, it’s up to each of us to take responsibility for our actions.

Set aside a weekend or day off for decluttering. Have each household member tackle their own room. For common areas, set aside time when you all can declutter the kitchen, living room, media room, bathroom, and such. Find places for the clutter. If there isn’t a place, refer to the paragraph above about boxes labeled donate and maybe. Put the boxes in their designated place.

A Place For Everything And Everything In Its Place

Something as simple as the mail can pile up on you if you don’t have a place for it to be. Some use a plate on a console table in the foyer for the mail. Other people toss it on the kitchen table. Wherever you place it, it needs to be decluttered. Place what needs to be kept in a file folder on a desk or a spot on the console table. Toss what isn’t necessary.

Shoes And Coats

Those without a coat closet by the front door need a place to put the pile of shoes and jackets, umbrellas and hats cluttering the foyer. Have each owner of shoes and such take them to their rooms to be put away. Do this once or twice a week, and you should have no clutter.

Tip: Shoes and coats can be stored on closet organizing racks.


Whomever does their laundry should fold and put away their wash every day. It only takes five minutes. Piles of clothing in the bathroom and bedrooms is not only cluttering but unsafe. Tripping over it can harm someone.

Tip: Place dirty clothing directly in the washer. When it’s full, start a load. When it’s done, fold it and put it away.

Books, Backpacks, And Other Bags

People often pile their backpacks, shopping bags, and books on a surface until they’re ready to use them. This clutters a room. Take five minutes each day to put books back on shelves, put away the contents of shopping bags, and place backpacks in the owner’s room.

Tip: Backpacks can be hung on hooks in closets or placed in baskets in cubbies designed for these things.


Each spring and fall, the waltz of the closets begins. In the fall, spring and summer clothing is replaced with long sleeves, fleece, and fluffy coats. However, in fall, we have accumulated so much that the clutter needs weeding out. Grab your boxes, because you’re going to be ruthless in your weeding.


If it no longer fits, donate it.

What Were You Thinking?

Sometimes we can’t pass up a bargain no matter how ugly the garment. These along with the Christmas and birthday gifts that you wouldn’t wear on a bet go in the donate box.

Spring And Summer

You won’t need this clothing for six to eight more months. Are they going to fit at that time? Will they be in style at that time? Do you have too many spring and summer items? Be ruthless. Weed them out and donate them.

Tip: Department stores put out their spring lines in December and their fall lines in May. Use these dates to judge what spring and summer items you should donate in order to buy new in spring and summer.

Shoes And Coats

There is no bulky clutter quite like shoes and coats. These sometimes take up closets of their own. When was the last time you wore your heavy winter coat? Is it still warm, and do you still love it? Okay, it stays. Do you wear lighter but still bulky jackets? At all? Donate them.

Shoes are a toughie. If you haven’t worn them in six months, donate them. If you no longer have the job for which you bought particular styles of shoe, donate them. If the sneakers are a bit ratty, chuck them and buy new ones. Do you seriously need six pair of winter boots? Donate all but one pair.

Tip: Planet Aid charity donation boxes are plentiful in many cities. Donate your gently used clothing and shoes there. 9 Pickup offer safe and reliable donation pickup in Boca Raton FL. Contact us today to learn more.