Tips to Cleaning Out Your Shed

A shed is the perfect place to store outside tools, lawnmowers, pool and beach equipment, and seasonal décor. But if you let it get overrun with things you no longer need, you might not be able to reach those things when you do need them. Is your shed so filled with stuff you don’t use that you can’t find things you really need? Is it so disorganized that your Christmas decorations are sitting on top your beach chairs? Are you storing bikes and tricycles that your kids outgrew years ago? If you answered yes to any of these questions it’s time to clean out that shed and make your storage space work for you. Below are step-by-step tips to cleaning out your shed.

Step by Step Tips to Cleaning Out Your Shed

1. Remove Unwanted Items

Remove unwanted items such as outgrown toys, bikes, sporting equipment, and Uncle Harry’s golf clubs. Drag out unused tools and appliances, old furniture, and items that you can no longer identify or are moth-eaten from years in the shed. Sort these items into those that can be salvaged, recycled, repurposed, donated, and trashed.

2. Deep Clean

Now it’s time to clean. Knock down the cobwebs, wipe off the dust and give the floor a good sweeping. Whip up an easy household cleaner from water and white vinegar to rid your shed of mold and mildew—you don’t want to use harmful chemicals in a small area where you’re likely to inhale dangerous fumes.

3. Organization Prep

Sort tools and install pegboards and hooks on the wall. No more searching through bins and on the floor when you want to start a home improvement project.

4. Organize

Organize your stuff by seasons and type. Put decorations into clear totes clearly marked with what holiday they’re used for. Group the beach, pool and boat gear together, and designate an area for the mower, weed-wacker, blower, and other lawn tools.

These are just a few steps you can take to quickly clean your shed and more fully utilize this space. Who knows, you might just clean out enough space for your own little man-cave or craft room.

If you’re looking for a convenient way to donate any of the items you cleaned out, 9Pickup is your answer. Schedule a local pickup of South Florida donations by filling out the form online or by calling 1-888-9-PICKUP.

Some of the items we accept that you might find in your shed clean up are:

Bicycles Boating Equipment Camping Equipment Golf Clubs Life Jackets Marine Electronics Marine Equipment Marine Supplies Skates (all Types)

Skis (all Types) Scooters Tricycles

BBQ Grills (w/o Propane Tank) Outdoor Dining Sets Patio Chairs