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What Separates 9Pickup From Other South Florida Donation Services

One of the greatest things about South Florida is its distinctly unique culture and sense of community. We’re always looking after one another, trying to uplift each other and make a difference right in the hearts of our neighborhoods. In fact, a number of donation pick up services have sprouted up throughout the South Florida area aiming to help give back to those less fortunate. It can make trying to find the right donation service complicated or overwhelming. Thankfully, 9Pickup simplifies the entire process for you. We understand how busy your day to day life can be, which is why we’ve made our donation pick up process as streamlined for you, so you can keep moving while helping your community do the same.

Direct Donation Pick Up Service

South Florida is home to a number of donation sites and centers for you to deliver anything you’d like to give back to your community. Unfortunately, with our fast paced lives it can be difficult to find time to break away and drop your donation off somewhere. Additionally, depending on the amount you’re planning to donate may be too much for one trip which can deter people from even going in the first place.

With 9Pickup, that becomes a worry of the past. We proudly offer South Floridians direct donation pick up service right at their doorstep. Instead of you bringing everything to us, we’re able to dispatch one of our trucks from our fleet to pick up your donations at your home, office, or businesses. The 9Pickup truck fleet is one of the largest in the state, able to be dispatched right away when needed to your location. Donating should never feel like a hassle, which is why our team takes all the stress out of it for you. 

Unparalleled Service

When it comes to your donation pick up service, our goal is to make it as simple a process as it can be for you. We’ve created our online service request form to provide you with a quick and easy way to provide us with the necessary information for your donation pick up. From there, our team will contact you to review the details and any additional information our drivers may need, and you’re set! No need to worry about any heavy lifting, as our pick up team will handle it for you and load everything into one of our trucks. All of our pick up teams have past our extensive background check process and been vetted. All of our teams will arrive in one of our trucks and in the 9Pickup uniform. Each one of our teams has the same goal in mind as you, wanting nothing more than to assist you and ensure a smooth donation pick up. They’ll provide you with a tax-deductible receipt for the items, and you’re all set!

Partnered With Networking to Help Children, An Unbelievable Charity

When it comes to South Florida donation services, you want to make sure it’s actually going to a reputable and respected organization that means what it says. You don’t have to worry about that with 9Pickup. Over the years, we’ve had the absolute pleasure of partnering with a number of fantastic charities, and today we’re proud to partner with Networking To Help Children, a remarkable group who focuses on assisting less fortunate South Florida children. Your donations help children with a wide range of needs – from cancer, heart issues, and cystic fibrosis; to autism and learning disabilities; from children of active military parents and foster children, to children that need a little assistance while excelling at school and the teachers that support them. As a local charity in South Florida, you know your donation goes directly to your community rather than shipped off to a national organization. 

If you’re looking for a donation pick up service that aims to make the process as simple as possible while also going towards a phenomenal organization, then contact the 9Pickup team today! Our scheduling team is more than happy to assist with any questions you may have.